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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 23, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. breaking news in washington stop stwlait a bridge has collapsed. here's what it loo looks like. the i-5 bridge over the skagit riverxd in mount vernon as fallen down. cars
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dumped into the water along with the people driving them of course. this is a 4 lane bridge. happened at about 7:00 o'clock tonight. 2 hours ago. there are at least boats in the water a number of rescuers trying to reach people. at least several cars that went in the water as a result of this. now let's show you some still pictures that we have. you get perspective that the collapsed portion of the bridge the metal structure super structure of the bridge just suddenly just gave way. see a couple of cars there. the orange one bobbing up with the driver presumably inwhen it went down. bridge located between mount vernon and burlington in washington statew3. it was built in 1955 o it is nearly 60 years old. as you look at the still pictures of this bridge it suddenly collapsed. and it is relatively well traveled about 71,000 cars cross that bridge every single day. lets show you on the map now where it is between mount vernon and burlington in work top state right along i five. live
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picture of what is happening. here's what is happening. bridge collapsed at 7:00 o'clock vl 2 hours ago. with number of cars that apparently went into the water. and along with them the drivers. so searchers and rescuers trying to reach the people. trying to make sure people are accounted for. we have no indication yet whether anyone has been killed thy very real possibility when you see what happened here. it's not known why the bridge collapsed but again as i said it's about 60 years old. 7 71,000 cars cross it every day. these are life pictures from washington state. i-5 bridge that crosses the skagit river collapsed 2 hours ago. there you sea life pictures of rescuers in life vests searching the water looking to see if there is anyone still to be rae moved from the water. again 4 lane bridge over the skagit river collapsed again we don't know why but it's 60 years old which is not tear
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bring oldq%ñ but certainly not a new spap either. the vehicles were sitting still in the wate water. partially submerged and partly above the water line. and there you see a good example of what we are talking about. driver of this car presumably not submerged in the water because at the driver igher no water buter said again the car took quite a tumble as the brim collapsed. we don't know how many people have been hurt. but no doubt some have and we do not know whether anyone has been killed but certainly very good possibility. washington state has given the state of washington was given a c in the american society of civil engineers 2013 infrastructure report card and c minus when it came to the state's bridges. the group said that more than a quarter of washington 7840 bridges are considered structural deficient or function nationally obsolete. do not know if this bridge was
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on that list of the bridges structural deficient or function nationally obsolete but clear from what happened here tonight it was structural deficient because it suddenly collapsed presumably without any warning whatsoever. these are in mount vernon washington where the bridge crossing the skagit river on i-5 suddenly collapsed plunging people֖ that car the rescue effort continues. we update that for you during this hour. on our late news on 7 news over open channel 7 but stay right here i'll keep you updated on. that guarantee you. follow us for immediate news updates on twitter at abc 7 news bay area but well stay open top of that story. but more bricking news to discuss that literally happened right before we went on the air. 5.9 earthquake near carson city, 6 miles from greenville near chico. now abc 7 news reporter john alston in the sacramento area and he's live with us open the phone tonight. john, what did you feel?
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>> well, dan, rather unusual. certainly the sacramento regis not immune to earth quick norq is the valley but obviously they don't have them that often here and the last major one that was felt was probably loma and at quarter to 9 the house started shifting a little bit. it was not a large earthquake. nothing fell. nothing creek. nothing cracked. but for about 5 to 10 seconds the house was shifting gently back and forth and couple of lamb shade rocking gently and before then it was over and of course when we are in the valley everybody wonders is it coast side or lick tahoe. >> well how long did it last johnnx!t>reporter: oh, probablo 10 seconds. it was very, very shovrment the moment where certainly in the bay area everybody knows there's that split second where it takes that second to realize what's going on and then you wonder
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what is coming next but very, very gentle. sacramento 115 miles as the crow flies from presumed epi-center at this point so probably about 150 mile drive, 115 mile as the crow flies. and that is in this area here >> thanks very much. john alston describing what he felt in the sacramento area. on the phone with us is rafael brier a seismologist with the u.s. ga. rafael are you there. >> yes, i am good evening. >> thanks so much for coming on. i understand it's down grided 9 from the 5.9:00 to 5:00.7; is that correct? >> thavrjt basically we get the location from our colleague over in northern california and located in menlo park. bay area. and the initial magnitude of 5.9 was that went out in the ballpark of the actual magnitude of the quake. seismologist i'm in the area
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went in checked the monitor and checked the equipment and basically recalculated the lowest magnitude and reviewed and downgradeed to 5.situation. rafael i know you are coming to us from colorado and i appreciate you coming on to talk with us tonight. this size earthquake is not significant but certainly enough to get your attention and it is enough to cause some daniel; is that correct? >> it is. we are lacking at a quake that is pretty much, give me a second, very shall o. actually. i don't think the guy in menlo -- menlo park have given a full depth. it's most difficult parameter to compute and right now they have it very, very shallow on depth of 30 kilometer. so technically speakerol to the surface. definitely the type of earthquake that people are going to feel, okay. it's definitely also the type of earthquake that could generate
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light to moderate damage depending where you are at. the area that the area, pretty much out of date in building codes, yes, we are looking at very minor damage. >> okay. this is do you know what fault line this earthquake might have happened on? >> this particular the point it's really, really early to tell which fault line it is. okay. i don't really have a display that is telling me water in the california area. that is definitely a question for men lo park colleague. >> we'll talk to them as well. i appreciate you come on. should we expect significant number of after shock after this. >>reporter: shallow earthquake definitely do general writ after shock. but they should be affected absolutely. >> okay rafael thank you very much. seismologist with the usgs on the telephone. you are very good to come on appreciate it. >> no problem. >> to sum up a 5.7 earthquake intercarson city tonight. 6
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miles from greenville which is near chico and as you heard the expert from the usgs describe that's earthquake that was at shallow depth meaning not very deep below ground meaning it's widely felt. not buried deep in the earth surface and not particularly strong earthquake but it is nonetheless 5.7 significant size earthquake enough where you might see some light even moderate damage depending on what is nearby. reporter john close by in the sacramento area and felt a few moments of rolling and then it passed. so it wasn't a huge jolt from where he is. more breaking news tonight. we'll continue to keep you updated on all of this as i get more information here on both the bridge collapse in washington state and this earthquake near chico tonight. bring it to you during this hour but again 7 news bay area you can follow us on twitter for immediate update as well. but we come become on with updates just as soon as i get them here on the news at
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9:00. for the motion we'll move on to another major story we have been following today. baggage handler accused of stealing expensive belongings from checked luggage at san francisco international airpor airport. took a sting operation to catch the suspected thief. 45-year-old george reyes the picture. he works for united airlines. more now from carolyn tyler. >> most passengers worst nightmare is the airline temporarily losing their luggage. >> showed up at my house the next day that was okay. >> but since march dozens of united airlines passengers at sfo haven't had missing bags. they have had valuable missing from their bags. >> i-pad. camera. lap top. things of value. purses. variety of items. things that can be easily concealed. if resale value. >> authorities say this is the thief. grave-year-old george reyes. baggage handler for united. he's been charged with grand them pwez element and
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possessing stolen property. >> how do they narrow in on him. >> they did this through lacking at work records. essentially determining from the times and locations of the theft a list of possible or likely suspects. >> sf pd one conducted by abc news targeting tsa screeners at u.s. airport. putting gps tracking did he vases inside some bags. according to police reyes took the basement they say they tracked him driving home with the loot. and found lieutenants of other stolen stuff there. >> lack for mr. reyes. he wasn't home. united released a statement saying we hold our employees to the highest standard and have zero tolerance for any theft. this employee is suspended while the case is being reviewed. some passengers say the flying public needs to take some responsibility to protect themselves from thieves. >> any small item like lap top.
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computer. i-pad. they should carry on board with them because people are what they are unfortunately. >> george reyes is free tonight on 50,000 dollar basement he's due back in court june 5th. in san mateo county, carolyn tyle tyler, abc 7 news. >> all right well as is very clear very busy night. coming up, historic decision by the boy scouts of america. why some are applauding and some say they will leave the scouts as a result. >> also this story. bay area lottery winner comes forward. he's a millionaire all of a sudden. find out what the gentlemen says he will do with the money. >> also spencer here with the weather. >> i'm here in the accu-weather forecast center. cooler than normal now and perhaps wetter than normal for memorial day. i have the accu-weather forecast
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>> updating breaking news in washington state. the search and rescue operation continues in the night. this is a bridge that goes over the skagit river
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on i-5, 60 millions north of seattle. that bridge collapsed at 7:00 o'clock tonight. throwing cars and people into the water. darkness is now falling in that area. there are rescue boats in the water as authorities try to reach those who may have been trapped and submerged cars. we have seen at least 2 cars subject mentaled in the water. we don't have any information on injuries or fatalities as a result of this tragedy in washington state. but again, this bridge suddenly collapsed at 7:00 o'clock tail ep of the commute. there you see a rescue police helicopter flying overhead. surveying the scene. we didn't know why it collapsed but we do know it plunged cars in the water. we'll continue to update you. >> come become and talk about very happy difficult for a bay area man who came forward tonight to claim his lottery prize. he's a millionaire now. after getting some of the numbers in the big power ball drawing saturday night. not all of them but enough to win a lot of money. wayne has the
9:17 pm
story. >> this is about all we ever get to see of lottery or power ball winners. they one into a sterile room lottery headquarters. get behind a table and try to wax about beast the odds and strike rich. >> he's special. always carin caring. >>reporter: vivian a single mother of 9 her youngest is 22-year-old michael garcia. security guard full-time computer science student at san jose city college. he's now a millionaire. >> we group on food stachlts my mom worked 2 jobs and it was just a real struggle for all of us and this is something that is, we are not going to forget the rest of our lives. >>reporter: he bought it at 7-11 in san jose last week. he knew had he one something with 5 out of 6 numbers but had to study for a test before exploring further. the possibility of 2.3 million dollars never entered his mind. >> we didn't know the amount. until i guess the day after.
9:18 pm
>>reporter: we being all the family members who showed up today. who have been through so much together. we being all the family he intends to share with. >> my plans are just to get better job. be able to support myself better and support my family better. just help out such as can. >>reporter: to get a bachelor degree and buy mom the car she need. >> never had any money. we don't know with it is to even shop for new car. >>reporter: they will in time even with a paltry jackpot of 2.3 million dollars. >> it's, you can pursue something better or can just choose to, i choose to better myself. >>reporter: doesn't that make you feel good sfi] michael says he intend to i hope vest most of the money but he will the a trip to techblingts he has family there. he hasn't seen them in a very long time. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> whether a delightful guy grit family. good luck to them. exciting news.
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>> we haven't won the weather lottery. pretty cool as we hit the hotel difficult weekend. >> notloery. mostly clear sky right now. please apartment conditions just way cooler than average. of course it is still gusty and windy in some spots. 16 miles per hour gust in novato. sfo 17 miles per hour winds. no powerful gust at the moment most inland area calmed down a bit but we have had a gusty windy week. temperature readings 55 degrees in san francisco. san jose 57. 50 at half man basement live view also looking at almost full moon from our roof top camera across embarcadero 63 at fairfield and 55 in union city. forecast feature as we look out over san francisco from sutro tower clear and cool overnight. cool pattern continues into next week. and chance of showers on memorial day i'm sorry to say. pacific satellite im am shows active stormtrack. jet stream flowing
9:20 pm
in our direction bringing this disturbance well out to sea at the moment in our correction. start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight and notice as we get through the weaned into sunday clouds thicken and on monday the frontal system arrives bringing a chance of light wren on memorial day and that may the coolest day in the forecast period as a matter of fact. relatively cool tonight with low pressure in the low mid 40's in the north bay valley. mid upper 40's for most of the remainder of the bay i can't remember. and then tomorrow cooler day than normal. but milder than today. south bay 69 santa clara and mid upper 60's on the peninsula up to about 68 at palo alto. mid upper physician on the coast. pacifica and a half map bay. 62 degrees in do you want san francisco. north bay high quite mild actually compared to the rest of this week. mid 70's from santa rose over to napa. east bay we see 67 at oakland. san leandro and newark and inland east bay mid 70's at condition cord walnut correct and livermore. here's
9:21 pm
accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> coolest day in the forecast period is monday the holiday memorial day. high pressure than listened only in the mid 60's. low 60's around the bay. i cloudy and chance of light rain memorial day so hate to wren on your parade but that's what is shaping up right now. >> 66 on memorial day. unbelievable. >> barbecue with hot chocolate. >> cook indoors. >> thanks very much. >> well rubbing alcohol as scotch? coming up next on 7 news at x
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>> update the breaking news that we are reporting near carson city. 5.7 magnitude earthquake happened just short time ago. so far there have been 4 after shocks. this is 6
9:25 pm
miles from greenville near chico as you can see on the ma map. 5.7 magnitude earthquake. again we don't any reports of any damage. won't expect significant damage with quake of this size but may some because it was quite shallow. on the phone is jessica pap house who lives from greenville are you there. >> yes, i am. >> greatest for coming on i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tell me what time you felt this and what you felt. >> it probably has been about 20 minutes ago. the first one was i this the a plane was coming. it sounded lake maybe a men was crashing and we live in a very rural area. we have a gas station here and we built a home here and i felt like a plane was coming down so all of a sudden i went to, first i heard the noise then my house
9:26 pm
is a one level house. it unbelievably it shack and pictures started falling. things in my china cabinet my cub board door are open. stuff fell out. plant fell over. i mean it was heavy enough to knock a lot of my plants over. my pictures off the wall. we have a gas station and it made all of our alarms go off and my husband went didn't to the gas station all the oils have fallen over and broken. >> so thinks a gas station you guys own. >> we own the mohawk trading company here in greenville right downtown greenville. >> okay. >> and i believe they said it was 9 kilometer from greenville so we are closer than like lake el i-94 almost 80 males from cheek o. and reno perspective is a two hour drive from here. we have a lot of mountain road roads. they are the fire department. they have called
9:27 pm
all of our emergency personnel out and they are checking our road. our roads are not pick freeway like would you site. rural area. >> very rural area. we still have electricity. phones didn't work to begin with. they are working now. and grocery store. we built big supermarket and we rent that out and you their over there everything is off the shelf. broken glass and everything. >> lieutenants of broken glass there. and i have the number if you would like to get hold of someone there. his name isal help. >> let's not say on the air. i'll ask my producer. >> very scary. after shock feel not significant as to that but the after shocks have started knocking still knocking down pictures. first one water big one. >> let me ask you quickly. you felt them in this area before and do you happen to know what
9:28 pm
major fault runs through the area. >> you know i don't know. i know there is a fault up by lake elsinore but never a fault that was the, that was active for very long time. >> jessica you are so kind to come on. >> thank you. say hi to everybody in san francisco. i went to college there is that you just said hi to them on the air i appreciate it. stay on the line and our producer will get the number of the grocery store call over there and check on. that 5.7 magnitude earthquake happened at 9:05, 6 or so miles from greenville. which is not too far from carson city. stay on top of that for you. >> moving on. when you spend money on glass of premium liquor you want to know that you are getting what you pay for obviously but consumer in several new jersey establishment being duped. authorities cop deducted a raid called operation swill because investigators say that is what consumers are actually getting. >> this alleged scheme
9:29 pm
dishonest reduce to increase profit and slap in the face of the consumer. a ruce. >> investigators raided 29 business including 13 tgi friday which is now conducting its own review. test involve something called a true spirit awe they want indicator to spot the bogus booze >> described to me as essentially river water. didn't think it was tap water. another one we believe was rubbing alcohol and carmel color. to make it look like it was whiskey. >> swill. bartender are in the clear but the establishment could lose their licenses. much more ahead tonight including dramatic new image from the day 2 police officers died in santa cruz. we have that. stay type for it. forget whether you have heard about oakland coming up. now among the top cities in the country for something other count[ male announcer ]ther citibank's app for ipad
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is. >> up take iting breaking news about 60 miles north of seattle where the bridge crossing the skagit river on i-5 has suddenly collapsed this happened at 7:00 o'clock. tail end of the commute. we do know that cars were plunged in the water. we know rescuers went in after them. no reports of injuries or fatalities. ongoing breaking news story. looking at live pictures. one witnesses that they saw a truck semi truck hit the girder of the bridge then it collapsed. that has not been confirmed but it could be a possible explanation as to how and why this happened. but it is ongoing search rescue operation in the scan it river tonight for cars that plunged into the water when the bridge over the river on i-5 suddenly collapse collapsed. we are all over it. stay tune here on our late broadcast on channel 7 as well
9:34 pm
and twitter 7 news bay area we keep you updated. >> another major story today. historic decision by the boy scouts of america to allow gay scouts under the age of 18 to be a part of that organization. it is a move that many have been fitting for for years but some fear a backlash as well. laura anthony with reaction from both side. >> awesome. walnut creek is an eagle scout and he's gay. 18-year-old told abc 7 news he's thrilled with the decision by the boy scouts of america to accept all scouts like him. but he sees it only as a partial victory. >> policy for adult leader like myself remains unchanged. i am still not allowed to parts tonight the boy scouts of america as openly gay adult leader. >> huge step in the right direction. such a listening time. >>reporter: vote by the boy scouts of america also came as huge win for baker and his son. >> it makes scout ago whole lot
9:35 pm
safer for the youth for the bo boys. they can say who they are. they don't have to worry about getting kicked out. >> baker have supported the resolution since last fall when the openly gay scout was rejected in his bid to become an eagle scout. 15-year-old boy thinks the decision guess for all scouts. >> one of the valley is kind fez and being fair. to everybody. now we can do that effectively. >> we quit the boy scouts. >>reporter: concord parents herman says the bsa inclusion of gay scouts men her long time scouting family is out. >> we don't feel that would be right for our family any more so we'll be pulling out and our pack and troop voted and we'll be pulling out. >> i didn't sign up to be a sex counselor. >>reporter: scout master will bow out too if the organization becomes something different from what it has been. and he insist it has nothing to do
9:36 pm
with homophobeia. >> scouting is a program for children. what we are now doing is we are focusing attention on the sexual orientation and sexual preferences of children. >>reporter: attorney there still deciding whether he will pull out others as you heard already decided they say they will now break away and form their own organization. this is abc 7 news. >> ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human using stereoscopic cameras ♪ and even stop itself if it has to. ♪ the technology may be hard to imagine... but why you would want it
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x >> 9 after shock and counting now in the wake of that 5.7 earthquake that happened about 40 minutes ago. a little less than that. 6 miles from greenville near chico. not far on the map north of carson
9:40 pm
city. 5.7 again magnitude quake. on the telephone with us is judy dolphins. judy are you there. >> yes. she own as drugstore. >> no i just work at the drugstore you. just work at the drugstore. i'm so sorry. >> that's all right. >> i promoted you. you sound like an owner. >> i should be i have been here for over 30 years? good for you. tell me have you ever felt a quake like this there. >> not in the store, no. >> wow! tell me what you felt. >> i actually was home. we are closed we close at 5:30. >> what did you feel in terms of the quake. >> more so noise at first. shaking and stuff started falling in my home. >> just things off the shelves that seniority of thing. >> couple glass things that my own house broke. >> you must know jessica with the gas station. >> yes, i do. >> she was on with us a little while ago and talked about things falling off the gas station shelves and also the grocery store not far away. judy thanks so much for coming on.
9:41 pm
>> okay. >> really appreciate it. i know it was a start but 5.7 earthquake 6 miles from greenville tonight. happened about 5 minutes after then roughly, shallow quake which means quite widely felt. >> update as need be. moving on. santa cruz county sheriff today relessed findings ovtd investigation into the rampage in february that claimed the lives of 2 santa cruz police officers. detectives sergeant loren and baker and butler and now know the time line of the double murder and we have brand new images powerful images of the police s.w.a.t. team on the move that day trying to catch a killer. here's vick lee. >> the afternoon of february 2 26. sky 7 hd captured the the shots of police scrambling. lacking for a double murder%i. jeremy a former barrista shot to death the officers. 4:00 o'clock team of 3 police officers and sheriff's deputy found him in alley behind his
9:42 pm
hope. he came at them. gun in each hand firing as he ran. >> fired 15 rounds. randomly. at the officers in the public standing in the parking lot across the street. >> phil says he died in barrage of 51 fire. >> i believe the exact number of rounds fired from the 4 officers were 54 rounds in total. >> tragic day started when sergeant baker and detective butler came to the home on port avenue. they wanted to question him about a sexual assault reported by a co-worke co-worker. >> at 3:15 in the afternoon the 2 officersñr spotted ghoul lay t his home and spoke to him through the open window. he was ordered to come out. at first he refused then he changed his mind. at 3:23 8 minutes after the initial contact he stepped out the front door. >> within 3 seconds he fared 5
9:43 pm
round at the 2 officers from his personally owned grave caliber automatic pistol. >> 2 officers never saw it coming. as they lay dying he shot them again. execution style. >> he walked over to mortally wounded sashingt baker. fired 2 more rounds into him. >> he you could over to butler and shot her at close range. thenxñ took the guns and baker body arm or from the car and left. 30 minutes later he was dead. the investigation in the shooting cleared the 4 officers who killed him. police chef called them heroes. >> they truly saved many more lives and probably law enforcement lives by the actions that day. >> sheriff's investigation may over. sadly it doesn't bring back the 2 officers who were killed. vick lee, 7 news. >> if stay with us. we have update on the breaking news in
9:44 pm
washington state. bridge collapse. new information just coming in. we have that and the city of oakland making some headlines but not in the way it headlines but not in the way it goodnight.
9:45 pm
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>> some very good news to report on the breaking news situation happening in washington state along the i-5. this is a bridge that collapsed about 7:00 o'clock tonight over the skagit river. plunging some cars in the water. good news is we understand that no one has been killed. which is very good news. 3 people however have been transported to the hospital. all are in stable condition from what we understand. everyone is out of the cars. out of the water. no one killed. is it's very, very encouraging news. as to why the bridge collapse sod suddenly we still don't know
9:48 pm
why. we do know that there are reports from aneurysm witness that semi truck carrying over size load hit one of the supports of the bridge and that's what caused it to collapse. that has been unconfirmed but authorities are looking into it and that's whether aneurysm witness reported and explanation for why this happened without warning. the bridge business 60 years old. but again no fatality in washington state. along i-5 over the skagit river about 60 miles north of seattl seattle. okay moving on. >> the tracking trends in oakland say that that city getting hot now and may have started with oakland emerging restaurant scene really growing or perhaps it was the buzz created by the first friday gathering. of allen found the city is on a list of the most attractive cities for tech start ups. >>reporter: in the shadow of occupy riot and violent crime in oakland the city is quietly
9:49 pm
gaining accolade as the place to be. >> attraction is that the diversity of culture. >>reporter: national venture capitol association rank it 11 most attractive city for tech start up like power hive, solar start up electrifying village in africa with this make row gridism i don't think we would be able to be in silicon valley in office space that we are in today and afford the kind of space we have here today. so we probably be working out of our garages. >>reporter: also this month on line real estate company named oakland the most exciting city in america. home sales thriving and young professionals are flocking her here. >> oakland changed since last i was here. up up to changed new bar strawptsd. down here is nice. >>reporter: modern classic condominium in jack london square the selling 5 day ago andlready sold 4 of these condo. "new york times"calls oakland the fifth most
9:50 pm
desirable travel destination ncaa and forbes magazine the up town district 9th among the top hip sister neighborhood. >> tremendous shift going on in the bay area. oak land the hot market and we see a large number of people moving from the oakland hills from san francisco into downtown oakland to take advantage of all the cultural diversity and excitement that is going on here e-but what about crime. >> as far as it goes. if you have a little bit of street smart bad things don't happen. >>reporter: the pro outweigh the con which could explain the recognition for oakland economic boom. in oakland, allen wong abc 7 news. >> all right good news out of oakland. >> update the forecast. spencer is here as always with a cool forecast. >> i we shall i could deliver good news here. live doppler 7hd quiet weather picture writ now. cool breezy calm. state weighed tomorrow manly season milder today with high in the low 80's khooibing chico sacramento 95 down at palm springs. here in the bay areaqñ
9:51 pm
we see sunny skies tomorrow after chilly early morning start and breezy and cooler than average. inland high in the mid 70's whereas normally this time of the year they are maybe 10 degrees higher and at at&t park tomorrow evening game time chilly bright and sunny but chilly with temperatures in the low 50's. accu-weather 7 day forecast we are going to have even cooler weather on sunday and monday memorial day, high pressure than land only in the mid 60's. low 60's around the bay and chance of light rain memorial day. >> on the bright side it is hockey weather. >> [át's true. that's true. >> when it should be baseball weather. >> larry is hear with shark ins action tonight. >> in the play offs. for awhile tonight looked like one goal was going to be enough in lots ang. sharks and kings x
9:52 pm
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>> come up tonight at 11:00 we have the latest on the 5.7 earthquake in the sierra.
9:55 pm
already nearly a dozen after ÷ the breaking news out of washington state where bridge on i-5 collapsed. latest on that. >> international man hunt for northern california man accused of killing 4 people over seas. his bay area connection coming up on 7 news at 11 over on channel z.awful lot going on and it's also very busy tonight in sports and larry is her with the sharks in action. >> home ice key in the series. sharks kings battle out game 5 of the play off series in los angeles. tight. defensive low scoring contest. tom cruise mission impossible for the men in teal. strong on the post. stopped all 9 king shots in the firstçó period to keep it scoreless. quick. robs marlo not once but twice on the spin around. perfect so far. will have a breakthrough this scor scoreless game late in the second. the rebound her right police right time to beat miami
9:56 pm
1 nothing kings they added another goal and now lead 2 nothing in the third. game 4 other western conference semi-time series blackhawk red wing. hawk favor to win this but in trouble. wing defense man the kindle fire disit agai again. game winner open the power mrichlt i keep saying it until it becomes a catch phras phrase. detroit wins 2 nothin nothing. the a surprising 3-1 series lead. bay area sports hall of fame 4 new wrebs. joan. browns. about roj and dave johns once 3 superbowl with the 49ers. there's the plaque. santa clara alum scored 33 touch downs for the red gold. tim brown drafted by daves back in 1988 selected to 9 pro bowl and fifth all time receiving yards. >> this is special stuff. came here in 96 from lvl a i didn't
9:57 pm
have this on my to do list so to end up hereysñ after great career with the raiders is really special. >>reporter: is in night for them. how if is the men golf team at cal this year? scary good. 4 of the top 5 players each won tournament lone tournament didn't win weaver. played in the masters. no. 1 most of the year. broke the modern era single season record with 11 wins in 13 tournaments. amazing. no. 1 player in the kum country, kim. chairmanship next weekend as overwhelming favorite. >> what we really weren't to do is put the exclamation point, grab the trophy and come home. that's the goal right from theñi get go and i like our chances. >> we are confident. we know we are good and we know we have a really good shot at winning this year and all we can do is play our hardest.
9:58 pm
>> earlier this year lae the first golden state warrior since 1997 to make the all star game another honor. all nba squad. lee had third team honest along with pacers forward george and lakers center howard and hard inand lee is the first warrior on team since 1994. ample 18g game this season. jim harbaugh nfl quarterback, college coach and nfl coach and he's adding pace car driver to his resume this weekend. he have year celebrity drives the pace car at the indy 500. sunday it's jim and part-time owner of indianapolis panther racing 2 cars in sunday race. doesn't get to kept car unfortunately. pretty sweet lacking corvette sting ri. >> i'm waiting my coaching. instruction and ready for practice. actually be doing it
9:59 pm
i have already had a couple dreamsñi about it. i know i'll be nervous and do my best to do a great job at it. >>reporter: he will try to wi win. it will be fun. he has good perk h >> he does. thanks very much. >> let's leave with you one last look at the bricking news we have been following this entire hour that's the bin laden collapse on i-5, 60 millions north of seattle. it's the major link between seattle and canada. on each 5 crossing the skagit river as you look live. pictures just wept away but we can tell you that at least no one has been killed. that's the very latest news. no one killed. 3 people taken to the hospital. truck may have caused this. may have caused this by hitting one of the brim support still under investigation. update for you investigation. update for you 11:00 o'cl
10:00 pm
mac: okay, it's 2:30 on a wednesday, philadelphia, pa. hello, america. mac here with another installment of project badass. as you can see, the ramp is about 40 feet down there. i will now light the pyrotechnics...


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